How to Become a Welder in California?

The process to become a welder in California is not a long one. After getting basic education, you may be required to get certified. You should then be able to apply for entry level jobs in the welding industry.

What Does a Welder do?

Welders are skilled workers that use semi-automated machinery to weld or fuse metal objects together. They may also be called upon to break up metal structures and parts. Nowadays, welders are needed for almost all kinds of construction projects, whether that is the building of ships, bridges, monuments, roads or homes. As a welder, you will have to be able to use objects like torches, clamps and semi-automated or automated machinery.

Requirements to Become a Welder in California

The requirements to become a welder in California include getting the right education, getting certified, and applying for the job you want. If you are planning to become a welder, it is also expected that you have an eye for detail, as well as the physical strength and stamina needed for on-site jobs.

Steps to Become a Welder in California

There are a few steps you have to follow to become a welder in California.

  1. Get the right education

To become a welder, you will need at least a high school diploma to get started. In addition to this, having a strong background in mathematics, physics and chemistry can help as well.

  1. Getting certified

After getting the right education, you must get certified by the American Welding Society or other accredited programs. If you are simply assisting on a job site, you will only need a general certification. However, if you plan to work on oil rigs or on sites under water, you may need more specialized certification. You may also have to complete a training program before applying for certification to ensure that you are capable of handling the machinery involved.

  1. Start applying for jobs

After you have the education and certification you need, you can start applying for the jobs you want. One of the benefits of being in this profession is that welders are in high demand and there is rarely a dearth of jobs in the industry. However, it is important that you be qualified for the job you want. If you want to be a welding inspector, you will have to get certified for the position.

Should You Become a Welder in California?

Choosing a career can be a difficult decision, but if you are serious about becoming a welder, the first step you should take is doing your research on the industry. This could include learning about specific requirements, guidelines to follow, as well as wage data.

Welder Salaries, Job Growth and Career Outlook

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the state of California is one of the states with the highest employment level for welders. The annual mean wage for welders, solderers, brazers, and cutters in California is $46,560. As of May 2018, 26,970 people in California were employed as welders, solderers, brazers, and cutters.

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