Welding Schools in Texas

Texas is the state with the highest level of employment for welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers. In the state of Texas alone, 50,120 people are working in this occupation. A career in welding in Texas is sure to bring a lot of benefits. If you choose to go to welding school in Texas, you will be taught how to break apart and fuse metal structures together. You will also be taught to fill holes, seams, or metal indentations in metal products. In addition to this, Texas welding schools offer specialization in complex welding techniques that will allow you to start working in higher level positions and earn a higher than average wage.

How Much Do Welders Make?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the mean wage for welders, cutters, solderers, and brazers in Texas was $46,140 per year and $22.18 per hour. Employment opportunities in the industry are expected to grow as fast as the average rate at 6% at a national level. This will result in a new addition of 22,500 jobs in the industry by 2026.

Welding School Prerequisites

The first step to becoming a welder is to get your high school diploma or an equivalent degree. If you are an adult without a high school diploma and are interested in becoming a welder then you should get a GED instead. During your program, you should cultivate a background in mathematics, and shop classes. This will help you further your career as a welder.
The next step is to choose the right training program. To become a welder, you must at least have a post secondary non degree award. After high school, you should be searching for accredited welding schools near you so you can get started with training as soon as possible. Listed below are some colleges in Texas that offer welding programs:

  • Lincoln Tech
  • South Texas Vocational Technical Institute
  • Southern Careers Institute

As a welder, you will often be working on construction sites, and fixing bridges and roads, etc. To ensure the safety of the public, you will have to get certified before you can start your career as a welder. In Texas, The Texas Department of Transportation regulates welders in the state.

Application Process and Cost of Attendance

The application process for welding schools is quite simple – you submit an application online, and based on your high school grades, letters of reference, and general application, you will either be accepted or rejected. When applying to welding schools, it is a good idea to apply to multiple schools and work hard on your application.
If you are concerned about the costs of a welding program, the best option for you is a community college or a vocational school. If you opt for a private school, you will likely have to pay higher amounts for your education. After completing your education and getting your welding license, you will also have to get it renewed. The American Welding Society will aid welders with this process.